Alexanders: This early-flowering umbellifer grows along the rover bank.

Bluebell: A scatter of Bluebells can be found in the wet woodland.

Cuckooflower: Also known as Lady’s-smock and a food plant of Orange-tip butterflies; found in the wet meadows.

Large Bittercress: Grows in the wettest parts of the wood and on the riverbank. Easily confused with Cuckooflower, but has pure white flowers with purple anthers.

Marsh Marigold: A mamber of the buttercup family, we have an impressive patch in the wet meadows.

Opposite-leaved Golden-saxifrage: Common in the wet woodland and near the riverbank; the flowers are small and inconspiucuous.

Ramsons: Also known as Wild Garlic, we have a beautiful ‘drift’ of the white flowers in our woodland.

Wood Speedwell: Fairly common in the wet woodland, but you have to look for the lovely blue flowers.