Summer 2022 Workshops

We are delighted to be able to offer a selection of workshops again this summer. All are carefully designed to inform and inspire, with a maximum of eight participants (aged 15 and over). They will run from 10am to 3.30pm with a break for lunch. The cost is £65 per person, including drinks and snacks, and booking is essential.

Wildlife Gardening

Saturday 11th June: nectar bars & pollinators
Wednesday 6th July: ponds & meadows
We are receiving increasing numbers of enquiries about how to make a wildlife-friendly garden and even more about how to create a wildflower meadows, so we have decided that now is the time to put together some workshops. They are aimed at private gardeners, as well as those employed as gardeners, involved in community gardens or garden volunteers – we really want to spread the word. Using our gardens as reference points and our flowers and wildlife as examples, we hope for a full and rewarding time for beginners and old hands alike.

Secrets of the Underwater World

Saturday 9th July & Wednesday 10th August
Ever fancied pond and river dipping, working with magnifiers and microscopes? Come along and enjoy discovering the little things that live in freshwater.    This informal workshop will open your eyes to some of the tiny things in life, and for artists and photographers there will be scope for some great images.

Wildflower Identification

Wednesday 15th June: a tour of the main plant families
Sunday 14th August: the daisy family
Saturday 10th September: arable weeds
Simon Harrap will guide you through the challenge of identifying wildflowers, using the wide variety of species at Natural Surroundings, both wild and cultivated, as examples. We’ll cover basic plant anatomy, using a hand-lens (a window on a world of miniature beauty) and look at what field guides are available. The emphasis is making identification as non-technical as possible, while still getting it right, making these workshops especially suitable for beginners and ‘improvers’. Note that these three workshops complement each-other.